The Purpose of Microsoft Excel

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The fundamental purpose of Microsoft Excel is to analyse, manage and report data for business and personal reasons. Excel accomplishes this by creating tables, graphs and charts that can make information easy to convey. This combination of data management and reporting makes Excel a powerful too for business purposes.

Data Analysis

Excels allows users to analyse data in a spreadsheet using several different formulas. Formulas can be applied to find specific data, string data together, evaluate data or transform data. It can also perform complex calculations or financial analyses.

Data Management

Excel, at its most basic level, manages data through simple data storage in spreadsheets. Data can be stored in spreadsheets in rows, columns, groups or tables. The data can also be formatted in several ways such as dates, money values or percentages.

Data Reporting

Excel also has the ability to analyse data into graphs by row, column or group. Data can also be conditionally formatted to assign attributes such as a colour to cells within a certain range or certain value. Data can also be quickly sorted and filtered to report a specific set of values or align data in a certain order for easier viewing.