Silica Gel for Arthritis

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Silica gel products are being used to ease the pain of arthritis. There is some question as to whether or not they help. There is also a possibility that they may be harmful.


Silica gel is rubbed on the arthritic area of the body in a thin layer. It should not be touched for a few minutes while the body absorbs it.


Gels with silica for arthritis are readily available in some drugstores and on the Internet. There are quite a few different brands with varying formulas.


Silica is a substance used in gel that can prevent the decalcification of bone. It may also be beneficial to the immune system.


Each brand of silica gel may contain a different strength of the component. Also consider that silica gel is more effective for arthritis if it isn't used right before or after a meal.


Silica and its main compound silicon have been linked to cell damage and, possibly and rather ironically, to causing arthritis. Consult with your doctor before using silica for arthritis.

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