Carrot Oil For Hair Growth

Carrot oil, often known as carrot seed oil, is an essential oil with many uses. It can be used for aromatherapy and often used to add fragrance to many products. It is beneficial for reducing fluid retention as well as evening out and moisturising skin. Using carrot oil is also beneficial in helping your hair to grow.


Carrot oil has many nutrients good for hair, including vitamins A and E. It promotes hair growth and can prevent split ends, which helps to retain the growth. If you use carrot oil regularly, it can strengthen and protect your hair and often makes your hair shinier. Carrot oil not only moisturises skin, but it will also moisturise your hair.


Putting carrot oil on your scalp will promote hair growth. Aside from that, there are other ways you can use carrot oil to help your hair. Carrot oil can be used as a hot oil treatment, and it can also be put on the ends of your hair to seal and prevent split ends.


There are many products that contain carrot oil that you can use. Organic Root Stimulator has a popular carrot oil cream that can be put on the scalp to strengthen hair and promote growth. Carrot oil creams are often easier to use on the scalp than regular oil, which can be runny. There are also Carrot Oil Root Moisturizer by Hollywood Beauty Hair Lotion and Carrot Oil Creme by Mane & Tail, to name a few.


You must use carrot oil consistently to see any benefit. Although it will make your hair healthy, it can also make it slightly greasy, so use sparingly. Carrot oil is not a cure for short hair; do not expect to see the growth immediately. Also, do not expect that your hair will grow much faster with carrot oil alone.


You can buy carrot oil at many places. Most beauty supply and chemists sell at least one product of carrot oil.

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