What are the benefits of silk wrap nails?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Claudia A. De La Garza

Silk wraps are artificial pieces of synthetic silk used as nail reinforcements in many salons. The wraps are trimmed and shaped to the size of the natural nails and bonded with a small amount of glue. After the application, the nails are buffed and polished like regular nails. Silk wraps have a variety of benefits from improving the appearance of the nails to their purpose of keeping nails protected.

Natural Looking

Silk wrap nails are very thin and delicate, as opposed to acrylic or gel, which adds to the natural look of the nails.


The ease and flexibility of the silk wrap is lightweight; and does not have the uncomfortable, heavy feeling of artificial nails.

Protection to Weak Nails

The material of the silk helps protect weak, brittle and easily damaged real nails.

Protection to Damaged Nails

Additionally, it can be applied to already-damaged nails during its natural growing phase by protecting them, as well as, adding strength and length to them.

Repair Damaged Artificial Nails

Similar to natural nails, silk wraps can be bounded together by thin layers and be used on top of damaged artificial nails.

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