What Are the Causes of Foot Instep Pain?

Intense pain in the arch of the foot is classified as instep foot pain. It usually occurs in arthritis patients. Instep foot pain is uncomfortable, but simple to deal with.


Instep foot pain affects a particular tendon in the foot called the posterior tibial tendon. The causes vary from person to person.

Physical Activity

People who undertake such physical activities as walking uphill or marathon running are at a greater risk of having instep foot pain.

Flat Feet

People with flat feet are more likely to develop this condition than others. Comfortable walking shoes should be worn to minimise the pain.

Achilles Tendon

Tight heel tendons also can lead to severe pain in the instep of the foot.


Application of ice to the affected area can help. Give the injured foot proper rest. Anti-inflammatory medication in mild cases and surgery in severe cases also is effective. Use insoles in shoes to reduce foot instep pain.

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