What Causes Faucet Noise?

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If your faucet makes noises, there is a specific reason why. Not all faucets screech or squeal when turned on or off, but some do because of the parts inside the faucet. You will find that a simple repair fixes most faucet noises; however, some are much more complicated and require the help of professionals.

Screeching Noises

A screeching noise is common in kitchen and bathroom faucets. Though this noise is mainly heard in older faucets, it will occur in some new faucets. The problem is caused by a loose seat washer inside the faucet handle. The washer is actually wobbling around when the water is turned on, so it makes a screechy sound. To solve this issue, just take off the handles to the faucet. Unscrew the stem and seat with a seat wrench, and replace them both with brand new parts.

Airy Blasts

If your faucets are making an airy blasting noise, it is due to excess air in the pipes, which is caused by a number of issues like excess air in your water lines. Problems like this are difficult for the average homeowner to solve himself. It requires the help of a professional to inspect the pipes and locate the real source of the problem. Most times the issue lies outside the home unless a major problem with the plumbing system is to blame.

Squealing Sounds

A squealing sound from your faucet is a result of the pipes expanding when the hot water comes on. If this noise occurs when cold water comes on, review information about screeching noises. Pipes are metal and, when they heat up after hot water passes through them, they expand. Pipes that are improperly secured to their mounting brackets will squeal as they stretch. This noise is difficult to correct without resecuring the pipes to the proper size mounting brackets. If you have no experience with this type of work, leave it to a professional.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is a common faucet noise occurring only when the faucets stop. The noise sounds like a loud, consistent bang, like a hammer. It is caused by air backing up in the pipes when the water is suddenly shut off. It occurs in older homes that do not have an air gap installed in their faucets. So if you hear this noise, install a new air gap, which is just a section of pipe that allows the backed up water pressure to dissipate into space without causing the hammering sound.