What Type of Dinner Plates Hold Heat Best?

In homes all over the world, food is served on dinner plates to the enjoyment of guests. However, some plates tend to hold heat better than other plates, and for the consumer hoping to keep food hot longer, a heated plate is ideal.

Types of Plates

There are several types of dinner plates, including paper, plastic, stone and ceramic dinner plates. Each plate differs in the care needed to appropriately clean and store the plate.

Paper Plates

Paper plates do not tend to hold heat well; while they can be briefly heated, the paper does not conduct the heat long enough to keep food warm.

Plastic Plates

Plastic plates can hold heat if they are specially formulated to do so; otherwise, heating a plastic plate too much causes the plate to melt, and the plate does not retain the intensity of heat very long.

Stone Plates

Stone plates hold heat well. However, they are difficult to heat thoroughly and uncommon in many households.

Ceramic Plates

Perhaps the best plate to hold heat, the ceramic dinner plate retains the intensity of heat for some time. Some ceramic plates, such as the HotSmart dinner plate, holds heat for over 30 minutes.