Benecol Side Effects

Benecol is a substance made by mixing plant stanols with extracts of rapeseed oil. This combination can be mixed into foods without changing the taste and it is known to lower cholesterol levels.


Since plant stanol esters are not absorbed by the body, but are excreted, they are considered extremely safe and have not exhibited any side effects.


Benecol works in the digestive tract to block the absorption of cholesterol. This lowers the total cholesterol level as well as the bad cholesterol level.

Time Frame

Benecol can begin working to lower cholesterol in as little as two weeks. Users can have a simple blood test performed to see if cholesterol levels have lowered.


Statins are prescription medications that prevent the liver from making cholesterol and these can be taken in conjunction with benecol.

Fun Fact

A serving of benecol is considered 1 tablespoon and the maximum benefit is gained from consuming 6 tablespoons per day. No additional cholesterol lowering benefit will be realised past this number of servings.