How do glycerin suppositories work?

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Glycerine suppositories are one of the most widely used rectal laxatives for relieving mild to moderate constipation in babies, adults, and children. Glycerine suppositories provide gentle, timely and effective relief from constipation with minimal side effects.


Melting of glycerine suppositories inside the rectum lubricates, irritates and softens fecal matter. Lubricating and softening fecal matter helps to prevent haemorrhoids which is caused by straining during a difficult bowel movement. Suppository-induced bowel movements should pass from the rectum with very little effort and require very little cleanup following the bowel movement.


Use glycerine suppositories to provide relief of mild to moderate occasional constipation which is caused by hardened faeces in the lower portion of the colon and rectum. Glycerine suppositories pull water from the bowel down towards the mass of hardened fecal matter to relieve constipation quickly and effectively. Glycerine suppositories also cause the muscles in the rectum to move more efficiently in order to facilitate a bowel movement.


Glycerine suppositories irritate the contractions of the muscles in the rectum to make expulsion of suppositories easier after the hardened fecal matter has been softened. Softening hardened fecal matter helps to alleviate straining to have a bowel movement. Straining to have a bowel movement may lead to haemorrhoids and tearing of the delicate anal lining. Softened bowel movements will require less cleanup than the passing of hardened difficult bowel movements


Use the middle finger of either hand. Place a glove on the finger. Lubricate the glove with water soluble lubricant..Insert the suppository well into the rectum. Leave the finger in place for approximately one minute to ensure the suppository is firmly in place and won't slip out. Remove the finger from the recipient's rectum. Dispose of the glove. Wash your hands thoroughly. The recipient may need to lay on his left side for the first few moments after the suppository is inserted.


Retain the suppository in the rectum for at least fifteen minutes before you begin to feel the urge to have a bowel movement. Retention may be easier if you squeeze and contract the anal muscles for the first five minutes after inserting the suppository. Try to hold the suppository for one hour in order to provide the most effective relief from constipation. The suppository will produce a bowel movement within one hour.


A suppository-induced bowel movement may be watery or well-formed but easy to pass. Sit straight up on the toilet during a bowel movement. The suppository-induced bowel movement should pass from the rectum very easily with very little effort. Glycerine suppositories. like many other laxatives, may cause more than one bowel movement in a sitting. Be sure you have completely moved your bowels before wiping and flushing.

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