Symptoms of Conception & Implantation

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Early symptoms of conception are often subtle and are mistaken for signs of a menstrual cycle. Below are some symptoms that women may experience during early conception and egg implantation.

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation occurs 6 to 12 days after the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. Spotting occurs, which is normal and is light brown or red. Women may or may not notice implantation bleeding.

Elevated Body Temperature

A sign of conception is an elevated basal body temperature after ovulation that remains elevated up until the time you are to begin your period.

Dizziness and Headaches

Dizziness and headaches occur due to hormone fluctuations of oestrogen and progesterone. Standing too quickly in early pregnancy can cause dizziness.

Missed Period

A missed period is the first major sign of conception. However, some women experience light spotting and can mistake that for a period.

Tender Breasts

One to 2 weeks after conception the breasts become tender because of oestrogen and progesterone preparing the breasts for milk production.

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