The Best Places to Travel in Europe in March

Although visiting Europe in March may not be the ideal vacation, it is one of the best times to brave the cold and visit those places you always wanted to see because it is one of the cheapest times of year to travel.


London, England is one of the best places to visit in March because it offers many indoor activities to enjoy. The majority of museums in London, especially well-known ones like The National Portrait Gallery and The Natural History Museum, are free. You can also visit The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Just bring a scarf for walking along the Thames.


Barcelona is a good city to visit in March because although it is cooler, it is quite tolerable weather. At night temperatures drop slightly, but during the day you can enjoy one of many art museums or the Sagrada Familia. Most shops and attractions are open including city bus tours.


Paris, France is one place you could visit anytime of year. A stroll to The Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe may be a bit cold, but the city has an advance Metro system that runs underground and can take you from attraction to attraction.


Oslo, Norway is one of the cleanest cities in Europe and ideal to visit in March because of its mountains. Many natives spend hours upon hours on the slopes. You can visit The Holmenkollen to appreciate skiing and learn a few things about the sport. There are also many other museums like The Viking Ship Museum that are open year round.


Stockholm is a beautiful city to visit in March because of the snow that lines the banks or the river. All the shops and museums run off season hours and there are many sales going on during this time of year.