Do a bride's parents give a wedding gift?

The etiquette of weddings is changing and so are the expectations of the bride's parents. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the bride's parents to give a wedding gift. In others, it's not necessary, but it's always appreciated.

Common Etiquette

If the bride's parents are paying for the wedding or a portion of it, common etiquette says that giving a wedding present isn't necessary.

Modern Etiquette

The bride's parents often give a wedding present to the newlyweds. It doesn't have to be big, as a small, thoughtful gift is acceptable.

If the Bride's Family Isn't Paying

If the bride's parents are not paying for the wedding or contributing financially to it, they should give a present to the newlyweds as a sign of their approval and support.

How Much Should Parents Spend?

In terms of spending, the Emily Post Institute says that staying within your budget is expected.

Thoughtful Small Gifts

When the bride's parents are already spending a lot on the wedding, or don't have the means to spend much, a token gift is acceptable. A present to preserve the wedding invitation, such as having it mounted and framed, is a thoughtful gift. For more crafty families, making something like a quilt, a blanket or a carved piece is another great idea.

More Substantial Gifts

For parents who want to give something more substantial, cash is a good way to send the newlyweds off. Some parents may choose to fill out the bride and groom's china set with additional place settings. Another alternative is a gift token for a nice dinner or getaway weekend.