Tools and Equipment for Cooking

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Like any craft, cooking requires patience, practice and the right tools and equipment. There are hundreds of different kitchen gadgets available and variations on all of them, but the five necessary you will need to cook are measuring and weighing devices, a knife set, utility kitchen utensils, cookware and an oven.

Measuring Devices

Using measuring cups and scales will ensure that you follow a recipe the correct way. Since a recipe is essentially a mathematical equation using food or ingredients, measuring cups and scales function as the calculator.

Knife Set

"The New York Times" cooking expert, Mark Bittman, says the three essential knives you need are a chef's, carving and paring knife. These are the knives you will need for any stage of cooking.

Utility Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils, such as mixing bowls, spoons and spatulas, are utility players aiding in many prep and production tasks. Other gadgets like can openers and tomato corers are product specific.


Cookware refers to the pots and pans you will need to fry, sauté, steam, boil and braise your food.


The oven used in most private and commercial kitchens include a hob range with an oven compartment.


Keeping kitchen tools and equipment clean will help to limit the risk of food borne illnesses. The editors of "The Taste of Home Cookbook" recommend making sure that all surfaces, cutting boards, knifes and any other utensils be cleaned with hot soapy water. Kitchen safety applies to the cook as well. For example, do not use a knife that you do not know how to use or equipment that you do not understand.