50th Anniversary Cake Decorating Ideas

cake image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.com

The 50th, or "golden" anniversary, is a milestone that few couples reach, so a celebration for such an important and inspiring occasion deserves a cake that reflects the couple and their enduring relationship.


Butter-based cakes can be made in almost any flavour, are sturdy enough for filling and layering, and can be made ahead and frozen for two months.


A wide range of flavours and decorations can be made with butter-cream icing. Fondant, a pliable rolled icing, is popular for its satiny texture and for creating delicate, realistic decorations.


Use the couple's favourite colours, match to the colours used at their wedding, or trim with gold-coloured icing for their golden anniversary.


Flowers that match the wedding bouquet provide a personal touch. Purchase premade icing flowers at a cake supply store, make them yourself, or use new silk flowers from a craft store.

Special Touches

Anniversary-themed decorations such as gold rings, bells, doves or even a large "50" topper can be purchased at craft or cake supply stores.


A half-sheet cake yields 30 to 48 two-inch-by-two-inch servings, and a 12-inch round cake yields about 30 servings. Cut slices smaller if the cake is two filled layers.