About boarding school for troubled kids

Boarding schools for troubled kids are an increasingly popular alternative-education option. A residential facility can be more equipped to handle the needs of a troubled child, whether the child's problem relates to behavioural disorders, substance abuse or mental challenges.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Residential boarding-school treatment centres can be therapeutic for troubled kids, focusing on counselling and communication as a means to help children cope better with life.

Military Boarding Schools

A military boarding school is designed to create a highly structured and regimented environment for troubled kids to learn to conform to the expectations of a leader, and to control their own behaviour.

Christian Boarding Schools

Some families might be attracted to Christian boarding schools that are designed to help troubled kids in a manner that reflects New Testament principles.


Counsellors at Turning Winds Academic Institute (see Resources) warn parents that pre-boarding-school counselling and an intervention-type send-off may be necessary.


Some parents believe that boarding school is a fearsome prospect for troubled teens, but some teens might want to be away from their own home environment and embrace boarding school as a chance to "be free" and to mature on their own.


Boarding schools for troubled kids can be quite costly, depending upon the nature of the treatment, recreational opportunities and academic programs available. Many schools offer financial aid and scholarships, so don't be afraid to inquire with the schools' financial-aid offices.