Foods that naturally increase progesterone

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Very few foods contain hormone compounds that are bioidentical to human progesterone. However, many women have successfully overcome fertility problems, high-risk pregnancy, and hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovarian disease using foods that naturally increase progesterone levels.

Plant Progesterones

Wild yam is famous for containing hormone-like compounds that are very similar to progesterone, and it may encourage the body's own production of the hormone. Bear in mind that the sweet potato, a different vegetable, does not contain these compounds. In the United States, soft sweet potatoes are typically labelled as yams; the government does require the label to also say sweet potato, so read carefully.

True Progesterone

Egg yolks and dairy products both contain respectable amounts of true progesterone, but it is not known how directly they interact with the human body's own progesterone stores.

Foods with Vitamin B-6

Walnuts, whole grains, fortified cereals, and soy milk all contain large amounts of vitamin B-6, which may be essential for maintaining ideal oestrogen-progesterone balance.

Foods Containing Zinc

Zinc is thought to be essential to producing adequate levels of progesterone, so high-zinc foods like red meat, shellfish, chicken and turkey can all increase progesterone levels.

Culinary Herbs

Turmeric, found in curry, can increase the body's progesterone levels, as can thyme and oregano. Including one of these in every meal may help to maintain good hormone balance.