What Type of Foods Do Squirrels Eat?

Whether you want to feed the squirrels in your yard or you are just trying to keep them away from your bird feeders, squirrel antics are fun to watch. Attract squirrels to their own feeders by setting out their favourite foods. You can purchase a commercial squirrel feed or mix your own with a variety of tasty treats.


Leave out dried ears of corn for your local squirrel population. They will enjoy working to get all the kernels off the cob.


While many squirrels are partial to sunflower seeds, they also love pumpkin seeds and squash seeds. Seed cakes are an excellent choice for your squirrel population as well.


Squirrels love to munch on all kinds of nuts. You can feed them shelled nuts, but squirrels are perfectly capable of shelling the nuts themselves, and they are fun to watch while doing it.


Because squirrels enjoy the occasional fruity treat, toss out fruit scraps from the kitchen or buy a mix of dried fruits for your squirrel habitat.

Squirrel Feed

Commercial foods formulated specifically for squirrels are available from local pet stores and farm supply stores. These feeds are usually made from corn, peanuts and various seeds.


Supply your squirrel population with their own squirrel-specific feeder. Sunflower seeds are a great choice to tempt squirrels that have been using bird feeders to start using their own feeders. Just mix in some tasty sunflower seeds with their other food to attract them to their new feeder.