What Type of Mites Bite Humans?

(Creative Commons Photo by bramblejungle)

Mites are tiny arthropods that are related to ticks and chiggers. A majority of mites will never come in contact with human beings, but those that do bite a human can affect that individual's health. Most mite bites cause skin irritation and intense itching. The most common types of mites that bite humans are listed below.

Bird Mites

Some mites that normally feed on domestic fowl and wild birds might bite humans when their hosts abandon their nests or die. These mite bites typically produce an extremely itchy rash and are often marked with a small, clear blister. Bird mites don't stay on humans very long.

Rodent Mites

The two types of rodent mites that most often bite humans are the tropical rat mite and the house mouse mite. The bite of a house mouse mite produces an itchy, red rash around the bite. The tropical rat mite's bite is quite painful, causing extreme itching and skin irritation.

Grain Mites

Grain mites often bite humans who are handling grain, hay or dried fruit. This type of mite is particularly common in damp, mouldy areas. A grain mite's bite causes rashes and can trigger respiratory problems in some individuals.

Straw-Itch Mites

Straw-itch mites feed on the weevils, grain moths and other insects that infest stored grain. Humans are often bitten when they handle hay, straw, grasses, seeds or leaves where the straw-itch mites are living. Bites will cause an intense, itchy rash.

Scabies Mites

Scabies mites burrow deep into human skin and cause an persistent and very itchy rash. This rash often forms in grey lines around the bite.

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