What Are the Benefits of Local Advertising?

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Businesses are constantly searching for ways to increase their sales and they often turn to advertising. Local advertising, for businesses, offers numerous benefits. The more often a company's name is noticed, the greater the chance consumers will spend money with them. Advertising is simply a way of getting the company's name out to the public.

Wide Audience

Advertising is done in many ways. Ads are placed in newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio stations, televisions, and more. By advertising locally, businesses attract local people to them. Many people believe in the concept of spending their money locally, but if consumers do not know about a business, or all the business has to offer, they may decide to spend their money elsewhere. Businesses advertise locally in different ways and much depends on the size of their community. In a small town, advertising in a local paper or placing the company's name on a billboard are the only options. Local advertising reaches a very wide crowd and is often successful for increasing sales. The greater the audience the advertising reaches, the more likely the company's sales increase.


Many consumers base their buying decisions on visual things they see. When a consumer sees a commercial for a product they're interested in, it tends to stick in their mind. Without seeing the commercial, the consumer may not know about that particular business. People also see ads for local businesses in newspapers and when they see the ad, the visual memory sticks with them. Radio commercials do not offer visual stimulants, however when consumers repeatedly hear the same commercials, many times certain phrases or jingles stick in their mind, and they remember the business this way.

Target Markets

Depending on the nature of the business, companies strive for their advertising to reach the right crowd. A farm machine store probably wouldn't want to advertise in a way where only women would receive the information, and a women's clothing store wouldn't advertise to a majority of men only audience. Finding the right place to advertise is crucial when advertising locally, regionally, or nationally. A trendy teenage clothing store chooses to advertise on a radio station that reaches a teen-centred crowd. A business finds their target market and then chooses the right place to advertise locally.

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