Free Home Plan Software

Everyone who has a computer and dreams of designing their own custom home can easily obtain one of the free home plan software programs available on the internet. These software programs allow even the beginner the ability to draw floor plans, elevations and even create a 3D model.

Computer System

Many of the free home plan software programs require more memory then your typical word processing or e-mail software program. You will need to make sure your computer system has the required system requirements and that you are getting the right software for your operating system.


If you are looking to find something you want to just play around with, then a free home plan software program is probably the best way to satisfy your creative desires without spending to much time.


Many of the free home plan software program allow you to do many of the basic things you would need to do to draw a house or a building on the computer. Some will have limited printing abilities, but many will create plans in a similar way to the more powerful CAD programs.


Some of the free home plan software programs will have unlimited potential and many of them can be upgraded to a more powerful software program or, at the very least, be able to be exported and opened by a CAD program that can be used by an architect or engineer to further the design.


Some of the free home plan software programs will have limited abilities such as printing, 3D modelling or detail development. Many of them will have a water mark left on the drawing when you print it. Some of them will not have a 3D modelling ability, so you will only be able to draw floor plan and flat 2D elevations. Many of them will not let you further the detail development such as drawing details or adding specific details to your drawings as they do not have the capabilities to create such details.