Lung Cancer: Symptoms of Terminal Stage

Terminal stage lung cancer is essentially the final stage of the disease. When this sort of diagnosis is put forth, it usually means that the person suffering from this stage of the disease will die from it.

The time a person has left will really vary, yet most will suffer from very distinct symptoms of this type of cancer.


One of the most common symptoms of lung cancer, be it stage I or stage IV, involves a cough. This cough will be more chronic in nature and may produce blood.

Shortness of Breath

Since the cancer in its terminal stage will still be found within the lungs, many people suffer from a shortness of breath.


Most people with terminal cancer will usually make a certain amount of wheezing with their breath. This will frequently accompany both the cough and shortness of breath.


Many people who are dealing with terminal stage lung cancer will suffer from pain. This may be pain upon breathing, a dull, persistent pain isolated to the lungs or even a remote pain due to the cancer metastasising.

Weight Loss

While weight loss isn't exclusive to lung cancer, many people suffering from terminal stage will generally experience some weight loss. Abnormal cells eat more calories than healthy cells, prompting a person to lose weight.


The mere presence of these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean a person has terminal stage lung cancer, as the symptoms are relatively similar with almost any stage of the disease. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms. The most effective treatment to any form of cancer is early detection.