How Much Weight Can a Jeep Wrangler Tow?

The Jeep Wrangler is considered one of the most properly equipped vehicles for off road use, and has been since its debut in 1987.

Its rugged sport utility design may lead people to believe that the vehicle has no limits, but the weight of the object being towed could potentially overwhelm the stability of the front end, as well as the steering.


The Jeep Wrangler has the towing capacity to haul up to and no more than 907kg, due to the fact that a wrangler towing more than 0.907kg, forced to brake suddenly, can't avoid having its two front tires lift off the ground.

Expert Insight

The longer the vehicle, the more difficult it is for the force of the object being towed to overwhelm the counterforce of the front end's attempt to remain in place.


The Wrangler Unlimited has the ability to tow up to 1588kg due to having a longer wheel base, showing that the ability to haul comes not from the vehicle's size or weight, but from its length.


The Wrangler is best equipped for off-road travel for sport, while other Jeeps, like the 2002 to 2008 Jeep Liberty, are capable of towing up to 2268kg and would make a more suitable choice for towing.


For maximum towing capacity, it is best to invest in a longer sport utility vehicle than a Jeep Wrangler.