How many cans of food should I feed my dog?

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Each brand of canned food varies in relation to calorie count. You should feed your dog enough canned food to reach a healthy caloric intake, without exceeding this number. According to Dr. Ron Hines, an average sized, 15.9kg. dog should eat around 1,000 calories daily.

This is assuming the dog receives adequate amounts of exercise.

Special Diets

Owners should speak with their veterinarian if they own a dog with special dietary needs, such as nursing dogs, or growing puppies. Dogs who are overweight, or who have certain medical conditions, may need more or less canned food than a healthy dog of the same weight.

Bottom Line

Most dogs will be fine eating enough canned food to reach a normal caloric intake. If you feel your dog requires a specialised diet, however, consult your veterinarian for the best advice.