How much should chain-link fence cost to install?

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As of 2010, a 4-foot-high chain-link fence 300 linear feet with two access gates cost £390 to £520 for professional installation, according to Cost Helper. This price does not include the cost of materials. Material prices vary by the type of chain-link fence and the style of access gates. Cost Helper says a typical materials cost for such a fence is £1,170 to £1,625.

Install It Yourself

A chain-link fence is simple to install, advises Cost Helper, and is the cheapest installation. The only cost will be the materials used for the project.

Bottom Line

You can save time with professional chain-link fence installation. However, the most affordable option is self-installation. The project is simple for homeowners to complete. The price of materials will be the same, regardless of which method is chosen.

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