Chlorella for Pet Treatment

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Health supplements are not just for people. Many pet owners give their dogs or cats natural pet health supplements like chlorella in an effort to improve the animal's overall health. Chlorella health treatments are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Manufacturers claim that it helps to delay and minimise age-related illnesses and symptoms.

What is Chlorella?

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Chlorella is a plant algae. It is loaded with protein and numerous other nutrients and has even been viewed as a potential food source because of its nutritional values. A variety of studies have found that it can enhance vascular function and provide health benefits that can relate to a body's autoimmune system, joint and wellness, accelerate healing and even help protect against some cancers, although research continues concerning these claims. Chlorella is sometimes described as "pure food" or "super food."

Chlorella as a Pet Detox

People may give their pet chlorella supplements to cleanse their animal of toxic contaminants found in food, water and the environment in general. Product labels of chlorella treatments claim that it removes toxins and metals from a pet's body and fortifies the animal with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also is said to protect your pet from allergens. It is an all-natural supplement that is free of sodium, preservatives, colouring, lactose and artificial ingredients.

Chlorella and Aging and Energy

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Chlorella treatments may be recommended to help an ageing pet maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible. It may combat symptoms of old age and related joint pain, inflammation, digestion and ailments like arthritis. At the same time, chlorella is thought to provide energy, something that is often lacking in pets and people alike as they get older. The minerals and vitamins are said to help improve your pet's coat.

How Chlorella is Administered to Pets

Chlorella supplements can be administered either as a wafer or tablet or as a powder mixed into a food. How much chlorella treatment is given varies depending on a pet's weight, breed and pet type. Dogs and cats are the household pets most likely to be given chlorella treatments, but other pets like rabbits may also be given the supplements. Before giving your pet any type of supplement, it is recommended that you check with your veterinarian first.

Where Chlorella Supplements Can Be Found

Chlorella supplements for pets are fairly easy to find and are often stocked in many pet supply stores and even in natural health stores. The supplements are also readily available for purchase over the Internet and do not require a prescription.

Risks of Chlorella Supplements

As long as the supplements carry labels of being 100 per cent natural and not filled with artificial ingredients and are given as prescribed on the label, there is no known health risks with giving chlorella to your pet. Since the benefits of chlorella are still being debated, it falls to your personal belief whether the supplements can benefit your pet's overall growth, health, muscular and vascular systems and overall quality of life. Avoid giving your pet chlorella supplements intended for people, however. Choose a type that is specially formulated for pets.