What is organza fabric?

organza background image by ennavanduinen from Fotolia.com

Organza is a sheer, transparent fabric that has a variety of uses and applications. There are two types of organza: semi-synthetic and fully synthetic. Fabric if it is made entirely of silk; however, semi and fully synthetic organza is comparatively inexpensive.


Organza fabric is a lightweight weave that is crisp, sheer and plain. The thin, crisp fabric is easy to sculpt and sew, as well as dye and weave. Organza is very similar to cotton in that it is durable and washable in cold water. However, organza is even thinner and more transparent than cotton. The end result is an expressive and expensive looking fabric that is easy to alter and press.


Organza is traditionally made out of yarn. The separate strands are twisted tightly, then woven together to provide texture and sheen to the finished fabric. Although it is stiff in nature, it is not rough against the skin, will not scratch you and does not fray.


The detail and fringe quality of organza makes it more expensive than most fabrics. Authentic organza, woven entirely from silk, is the most expensive, but synthetic blends capture the same qualities at a significantly smaller cost. When making a dress or outfit using predominately organza, Investigate a variety of different fabric stores to find the best price.

Household Uses

Though organza is easily dyed, it can leave small smudges or discolouration. This is why many people who use organza fabric tend to use it without dye in a natural white. It is a popular and inexpensive fabric for creating curtains, tablecloths and napkins. Decorative bags are often made with organza to store small gifts and treats.


Organza has been used in clothing for more than a century in India and is becoming an inexpensive alternative to silk in America. Organza is a diverse fabric for crafting lightweight clothing in a variety of styles and applications. Organza is often found on evening gowns and cocktail dresses as well as on any number of shirts, skirts, dresses and handkerchiefs. That organza is thin, malleable and soft and makes it popular for undergarments as well.