Light & Easy Diet

The Good Foods Company, owned and operated in Australia for over 20 years, created the Lite n' Easy Diet. The diet is a preprepared meal plan, similar to diet plans in the United States such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Dietitian Maryl-Ann Marshall has implemented and evaluated the program.

She looks at nutritional facts and recipes from around the world to create meal plans for the diet program.

The Diet

The diet program's strength relies on taking the decision making and the food preparation out of the hands of dieters. Instead, Lite n' Easy prepares the meals ahead of time, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. These meals are delivered to the household intact, needing only to be heated up in the oven or microwave. Among the meal choices are Vietnamese noodles and a roast pork dinner.

Meal Plans

In order to customise the diet plan to your specific needs, the Lite n' Easy website requests information such as gender, weight and age, as well as information regarding activity levels. Using this information, the company programs a meal plan that will meet your caloric needs while keeping in mind the ultimate goal of losing weight. Adherents to the program choose from the 1,200 calorie, the 1,500 calorie or the 1,800 calorie meal plans according to their goals.

Weight Loss

Lite n' Easy claims that most people on the program lose an average of one-quarter to one kilogram of weight per week. This translates to about half a pound to 0.998 Kilogram per week. Though there is no official workout program that goes with the diet, the website provides information on exercise and encourages all program adherents to use exercise to become healthier and lose weight faster.


Meals are delivered straight to your door on whatever days the program's truck is in your particular suburb, as the website puts it. By entering your suburb into the website, you can learn the delivery schedule. The meals arrive in a sealed cooler and can remain in a shaded area for up to eight hours. The delivery days are subject to change due to holidays, and the company cannot give information about what time of day the delivery will come.


In case you're not in an area serviced by Lite and Easy or you find the program too expensive, the company offer menus and recipes that you can put together at home without the preprepared meals from the company. This give peoples the chance to try a strict, calorie-reduced diet without having to come up with a million different ideas about what to cook for each meal.