How much do silk wrap nails cost?

People with weak or damaged nails often turn to artificial nail reinforcements to help protect and strengthen their nails. Types of artificial nails include acrylic, linen, and gel, but the natural look and feel of silk wrap nails make it the artificial nail reinforcement of choice for many women.


Silk wrap nails are nail reinforcements made from synthetic silk or fibreglass material. They help protect and strengthen nails that are weak, brittle, or otherwise damaged


First, nails must be cleaned thoroughly and then buffed using a nail buffer. The manicurist will cut the wrap to fit the size and shape of your nail and then apply the fitted wrap to your nail with glue. After wrap has been applied, the manicurist will buff your nails once more to ensure a clean, smooth look.


Silk wrap nails allows for more flexibility than acrylic nails. Silk wraps are thin, lightweight and most resemble the look of a natural nail. They are also healthier than acrylic or gel nails because the delicate fibres allow the nail underneath to breathe and they can be applied without the use of harsh chemicals.

Silk wrap nails can be manicured and polished just like your regular nails. However, because silk wraps are quite fragile, they are not a good choice if you perform a lot of manual labour, participate in sports, or if your hands are immersed in water for extended periods of time.


Silk wrap nails are also more easily removed than acrylic nails, by soaking nails in acetone for three minutes and then gently wiping with cotton balls soaked in acetone. If the silk wraps do not come off, repeat. After the silk wraps have been removed, wash your hands with soap and moisturise.


The cost of silk wrap nails varies depending on the price point of the salon and the place you live. he more nail salons in your area, the lower the prices usually are due to competition. A good estimate is anywhere from £16 to £32. In generally expensive cities, like New York, a high-end salon might charge more than £65.

When choosing a salon, make sure it maintains good hygienic standards and the manicurists have a lot of experience with silk wrap application.

You can also buy do-it-yourself silk wrap kits for as little as £2. However, unless you have experience applying silk wraps, it is advisable to leave it to the professionals.