About the Long-Term Safety of the Cambridge Diet

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The Cambridge Diet promises quick weight loss while providing all vital nutrients. The diet allows less than 1,000 calories per day, and some dieters lose 13.6 Kilogram in 30 days. Any rapid weight loss program, including the Cambridge Diet, can carry a number of long-term heath dangers.

Blood Sugar Levels

Rapid weight loss programs like the Cambridge Diet result in low blood sugar levels, followed by a sharp spike in levels once food is consumed. In the long term, this effects other processes like blood pressure and heart functioning.

Excess Skin

With the Cambridge Diet, people lose weight so quickly their skin is not able to contract gradually. A large amount of excess skin is the result of this process, and surgical procedures are often the only way to correct the problem.

Disruptions in Menstrual Cycle

Women may experience disruptions in their menstrual cycle after using this rapid weight loss program. Irregular or absent periods are common, although ovulation is not affected.

Increase in Weight Gain

As you lose weight using the Cambridge Diet, lean tissue decreases and the metabolic rate slows down. The body may enter starvation mode, causing a release in neurotransmitters that result in hunger.

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