Side effects of phedra-cut

Phedra-Cut is a product that is marketed towards those who want to accelerate fat loss and lose weight quickly. The ingredients of Phedra-Cut are comprised of herbs, proprietary blends, caffeine, and vitamins.

The manufacturer, USN Sports Labs, states that the product is safe for use for people from 18 to 60 years of age. The manufacturer also states that diabetics should consult their physician before using Phedra-Cut. In addition, the packaging states that the product is not safe for those without any pre-existing medical conditions. Consult your physician before using Phedra-Cut.


Phedra-Cut contains the stimulants green tea extract, caffeine, and yerba mate. In addition, it contains several proprietary blends that do not list what the actual composition of the blends are. Those proprietary blends may or may not contain stimulants. The use of any product with stimulants can cause blood pressure and heart rate to rise and may cause insomnia. People with pre-existing medical conditions should always consult their physician before using any product that contains supplement.


Phedra-Cut contains ingredients which are known to boost the metabolism. An increased metabolic rate may cause the body to eliminate more fluids via perspiration and respiration. A person may feel dehydrated from this excretion of fluids. Increase fluid intake whenever you are taking a diet supplement to prevent dehydration. Dehydration is known to cause muscle cramping. This is especially important information for athletes and those with a heavy (3 to 5 days a week) exercise regimen. Cramping of the muscles can lead to tears and ligament damage.


Constipation can occur from using Phedra-Cut, due to its potential to increase fluid excretion. If you feel constipated while taking Phedra-Cut, drink more fluids and follow a diet rich in fibre based foods. The use of a stool softener or laxative may provide users of Phedra-Cut that experience constipation some advanced relief.

Prescription Drug Interactions

MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) drugs cannot be taken in when using Phedra-Cut. Phedra-Cut contains tyramine, which can interact with MAOI drugs. This interaction can cause nausea, headaches, stoke, and increased blood pressure. There is no warning on the packaging of Phedra-Cut that states it can interact with MAOI medication.


The use of Phedra-Cut may cause nausea in some people. Most people that experience nausea from the use of weight loss supplements, such as Phedra-Cut, gain a tolerance to the supplement within three to four days after beginning use. If a person experiences nausea frequently when taking Phedra-Cut, they should consider alternate weight loss supplements options.