Where to Buy VHS Video Cases

As Blu-ray and DVD discs grow in popularity, finding extra cases for your old VHS videotapes is becoming more and more difficult. A few stores here or there may offer cases for sale, but your best bet is to order them online. Some cases are made out of thick plastic and totally encase the tape.

Others are just cardboard sleeves.


This is the only guaranteed place to find new and used VHS video cases. Start by checking online stores such as Tapeonline.com and Sleevetown.com. You also can find cases on auction sites such as eBay. On average, you can order 10 cardboard sleeves for about £1.90; plastic cases usually run 60p or £1.30 each.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores often have piles of old VHS tapes and VCR paraphernalia in the electronic devices nook. If you find videotape cases, they'll never cost more than a buck each. But they're always used, which means you don't know where they've been.

Dollar Stores

It might be a rare find, but dollar stores do sometimes carry videotape cases. If you come upon some, they'll be new. Also, they're probably just as cheap at a dollar store than they would be on the Internet, and you won't have to pay for shipping and handling.

Electronics Stores

Although big retailers such as Best Buy and Radio Shack used to keep empty VHS video cases in stock, you won't find them there anymore. Instead, check with independent electronics stores. There's a slight chance you'll be able to find cases, but you'll have to be pretty lucky.

Used Music/Movie Stores

This option is a last resort. The only reason a used music or movie store would have a VHS video case is because it bought it from someone selling their old videos along with the cases.