Physical Effects of Drug Misuse

John Doe:

Drug misuse can lead to many unwanted physical effects. Drug misuse is any use of drugs that exceeds the dosage listed on the label. The physical damage that can be done carries the potential to affect social interactions, work and family relations.

If drugs are used in a manner consistent with their labelling, they are normally safe and effective. If you feel that you habitually misuse drugs, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the treatment options you have available.

Sleep and Delirium

The misuse of drugs can lead to the development of insomnia and delirium. These side effects can sometimes occur from proper usage of drugs, but are more prevalent when there is misuse. Taking less of the drug normally causes the issues of insomnia and delirium to subside. If the misuse of a drug causes you to develop these issues, see a medical professional immediately.

Drug Interactions

Drug interactions can occur from misuse of drugs. Do not take new drugs without consulting your physician first to make sure they are safe. Drugs that you take without a prescription may interact with drugs you are already prescribed. Drug interactions can cause a wide variety of physical ailments and in some cases death.


Nausea is a common physical effect of drug misuse. Many drugs can cause nausea to occur even if they're used as directed. The nausea may be more severe if the dosing amounts on the label are ignored. The body can develop a tolerance to most drugs. The amount of time needed to develop a tolerance to a drug is dependent on the ingredients found in the drug.


Many drugs can cause severe constipation when misused. If the drug is known to dehydrate the body, constipation is more likely to occur. To help offset constipation when taking drugs, follow a high-fibre diet and take in plenty of fluids. Stool softeners or laxatives are also effective relief options. Stopping the use of the drug will cause constipation to subside in most cases.


Misuse of drugs can also lead to drowsiness and lethargy, especially with drugs used for pain relief. The body can develop a tolerance to this kind of drug, but a very high dose may still cause drowsiness, even if a tolerance is developed. Normal physical movement may be impaired, and operating machinery, driving a car or performing any physical activity may be more difficult.