Types of advertising methods

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Advertising is a way of promoting a business, product or service. Advertisers spend millions of dollars every year to increase revenue. Advertising introduces consumers to new products and services.

It provides exposure and legitimacy, so the more a business spends on advertising, the more consumers are aware a business exists. Many consumers will buy a product from a company they know rather than a newer one from a company that is not as familiar. Advertising helps create favourite name brands and preferences. Different methods of advertising exist, and some businesses use all approaches, while others may use only one.


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Newspapers can be delivered to your home or online. Types of ads in newspapers vary. Classified ads can advertise jobs, sales or business promotions. Some ads include coupons for grocery stores or businesses that offer discounts, and some may promote buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals. Sales inserts provide opportunities to push sales or clearance items and entice consumers to visit the advertiser’s place of business or to try a new product.


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Magazine types vary widely, ranging from beauty to insurance, education and even crafting. Because magazines are aimed toward certain audiences, they give businesses ways to target specific types of consumers. For example, a beauty magazine will feature more beauty products, such as perfume or make-up, and advertisers will promote their newest products. An automobile magazine will include advertisements for car-accessories makers, automakers, or car-part stores.


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Television gives viewers visual representations of products or services. Advertisers pay television companies to advertise products through commercials during movies, popular TV series, news broadcasts or sports events. The more viewers a television broadcast has, the more an advertising spot during that broadcast will cost. Products advertised on television can include anything from a home security system to a tube of toothpaste, a restaurant or even a political view.


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Radio advertising works the same as television advertising in that businesses pay for spots. Radio advertising usually relies on popular slogans to promote products or services. Many consumers will recognise a product due to a slogan that a company has coined.


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Internet advertising is versatile. Because newspapers, radio, magazines and television typically have an online presence, they can take advantage of various advertising methods. Newspapers and magazines allow consumers to print coupons or to view sales ads. Many radio and television stations offer live streams that include advertising spots as they would appear on traditional radio or television broadcasts. Many websites have links to advertisers on their homepages, and the website owners are paid per click. Another form of advertising is by e-mail. If a consumer buys a product online, the seller may begin to send targeted e-mails about products and sales.

Other Types

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Other methods of advertising include direct mail, word of mouth or ads in the yellow pages. Direct mail involves the business sending advertising to your home that can include coupons, pamphlets or small items, such as refrigerator magnets. Word of mouth facilitates new business when a business provides a satisfactory service or product and the consumer tells his family, friends or co-workers. Some businesses will even offer something free or a discount for referring new customers. Yellow pages are published annually, and businesses can list their addresses and phone numbers with a slogan or an offered discount for new customers.