The average cost of a new metal roof

Metal roofing has many advantages when compared to other types of roofing: it's more durable, for example, than some roofing materials. A homeowner who wants to take advantage of metal roofing benefits needs to be familiar with what metal roof costs.

In general, the rarer the metal used, the more a person can expect to pay for a metal roof, but there are also other factors that affect the cost of the roof.

Average Cost

The average cost of a new metal roof is £3.40 per square foot of roofing material. This is the average cost for a midgrade roof. A lowgrade roof costs 80p per square foot of roofing material on average. Some high-grade roofing materials average £7.10 per square foot. The cost of a new metal roof thus ranges anywhere from £2,193 to £17,875 for a roof of 2,500 square feet, with £8,531 being the average. These figures do not include the cost of material removal or installation.


Although the average cost of a metal roof is initially more than some other roofing materials, in the long run, a metal roof saves money because it has a longer life than other materials. Asphalt, for example, averages 15 to 30 years of use. Metal roofs, by comparison, have a life of 50 years or more; the cost and lifespan of a metal roof are thus comparable to a roof of slate or tile.

Grades and Effectiveness

There are many grades of metal roofing depending on the material used. All roofing material is coated with some type of alloy to resist corrosion; the thickness of this coating determines the grade. The thicker the coating, the longer the roof lasts. G60 is the standard grade for galvanised steel, while AZ50 or AZ55 is recommended for Galvalume. Regardless of grade, metal roofs protect a home against the elements just as effectively as other roof types; in fact, they can be more effective, since the smooth surface of the metal causes precipitation to slide off the roof more easily than on other roof types.


Installation charges affect the cost of metal roofing. Even if a person pays the average cost for the metal roof materials, the overall cost can be much higher if the roof is professionally installed. This cost can be worth it, however, if lack of experience results in problems with the roof later on. Sometimes the cost quoted per square foot includes the cost of installation, but if it doesn't, expect to tack on at least another £650 in charges.


The person or company from whom the roofing material and services are purchased makes a difference in what the roof costs. There is no limit on how much a roofing salesperson can charge, so two firms may provide widely differing prices for the same roof. Be sure to get several estimates, and if two companies have provided significantly different quotes, negotiation may equalise the prices.


Materials for metal roofs are not always the same price. They fluctuate based on the market. Thus, it may be that the exact same roof costs more or less from one month or year to the next. Getting an estimate for a metal roof from a roofer in writing can guarantee that the roofer will not charge more if the market suddenly shifts significantly.