The Cost of an Ear Wound Treatment for a Dog

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A dog's ears are prone to infections and wounds due to the proclivity of moisture and heat, and sensitivity of the skin. Different types of ear wounds call for different types of treatment. The cost of treatment will vary depending on the type and severity of the wound and if you choose medicinal or holistic.

Ear Wounds

Whether floppy or standing up straight, canine ears can suffer bites and lacerations. The ears may also develop swelling due to abscesses or hematomas. If a dog scratches its ears or shakes its head, the ears can become torn causing a fissure or split, cracked skin.

Medicinal Treatment

For the treatment of cuts or lacerations, an antiseptic or antibiotic that kills bacteria is suggested. Chlorahexidine is an effective antiseptic and costs between £7.70 and £15.50, as of 2010. An antibiotic such as hydrocortisone costs between 70p and £22.70. Abscesses and hematomas require a trip to the veterinarian's office for draining. If the wound is serious enough to require surgery or the hematoma needs to be removed, the cost can vary between £81 and £211.

Holistic Treatment

From scratches to deep cuts, an herbal antiseptic made with all natural ingredients can be found for £15.50 to £27.8, as of 2010. A natural remedy to help heal wounds that needed surgical repair can cost between £22.70 and £24.0.