Bowel problems in dogs

Going to the bathroom is a part of your dog's life that you have to deal with. Urinating is one thing, it is simple to see and easy to clean up. Bowel movements are something else entirely. They can look different from day to day, be messy to clean up and indicate serious problems.

If your dog is having bowel problems, figuring out the reason and finding a solution should be your number one priority.


There are three main types of bowel movement problems in dogs. The first is the runny stool. This is also commonly called diarrhoea. The second bowl problem in dogs is a stool that is not consistent from day to day. It might be runny one day, solid the next and somewhere in between after that. The third is a problem actually passing stool. Each of these problems might indicate something that is going on in your dog's life.


Most people can tell when their dog is having a bowel problem, but it is important to identify which of the problems your dog is having.

If your dog is having a runny stool, every time she goes to the bathroom, the stool is going to be watery and diarrhoea. You will be able to see traces of this around the stool, even when the stool appears solid. You might find spots of stool in your home as well. Your dog will need to go to the bathroom often and won't take long to do so.

If your dog has inconsistent stool, he might have runny stool one day and solid the next. You will be able to tell this by keeping an eye on your dog's stool and recording it from one bathroom break to the next.

If your dog is having trouble passing stool, she might try to go to the bathroom for a long time. She might also walk while she passes her stool.

Runny Stool Indications

If your dog has runny stool, she might be sick. This is usually the biggest indication of a sickness in dogs. If you notice runny stool, keep an eye on your dog. Sometimes runny stool happens once or twice, and then does not happen again. If it only happens once, it might mean your dog ate something that didn't agree with her. Changing foods might also cause a small period of runny stool. However, if your dog has runny stool for three days in a row, take her to the vet and tell the vet what you have noticed. Also mention if you have recently changed foods or environments.

Inconsistant Stool

If your dog has an inconsistent stool, which varies between runny and solid for more than four or five days in a row, it is likely an indication the food you are feeding your dog does not agree with her digestion system. The first solution to put your dog on a diet of food made for good bowel system health. If your dog's bowels do not improve after a week or two of switching to a new food, take her to the vet.

Problems Going

If your dog has problems making a bowel movement, there could be a serious problem. Your dog could have eaten something that is blocking her bowel. If a dog does not have a bowel movement in three days and has been eating regularly, take her to the vet right away. If your dog has bowel movements, but they always seem difficult, put her on a food advertised as being gentle on digestion.