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How to get rid of a fat pouch on a cat

Updated November 21, 2016

You've noticed a slight swinging in your cat's tummy area when he goes bounding across the room. This pocket of loose skin seems at odds with the rest of the cat's lean and supple body. This fat pouch on a cat is actually a result of spaying or neutering. Consider this pouch your cat's "spare tire" around the middle. Pouches are located between the back legs toward the lower stomach area. Getting rid of a fat pouch on a cat isn't an easy endeavour. However, it is possible to help your cat trim and tone this area with regular exercise and proper diet.

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Assess whether your cat has a pouch or if he's fat. The pouch should feel like a loose apron of skin along the cat's lower abdomen. If the cat will allow it, press the pouch between your fingers and check for any lumps or nodules. Take your cat to the vet immediately if you feel any irregularities. If you cat is simply pudgy in the belly, he needs high-quality foods, plenty of water and increased exercise to help diminish that pouchy belly.

Feed your cat the very best foods that you can afford. Your cat's diet directly affects his physique, including that fat pouch on his tummy. Pet food packaging requires that ingredients be listed in order by weight. Choose foods that list proteins first (meat, fish, eggs). Canned cat foods should be high-quality foods that mimic the high protein diet your cat would have in the wild. Cat kibble contains grain ingredients as fillers to bind the product into kibbles. As true carnivores, cats don't really need grains to have a healthy and balanced diet. See additional resources for more information.

Refresh your cat's water daily. Water is your cat's best friend, but many cats shy away from drinking water regularly. Encourage your cat to consume adequate water each day to help keep kidneys functioning properly. If you cat still ignores the water, purchase a kitty water fountain (about £22) to help coax him to drink. Try using glass, metal or ceramic bowls for water dishes, since plastic bowls tend to trap smells.

Exercise your cat daily. Indoor cats can quickly get fat and lazy with too much food and too much sleep. Play laser tag with a pet laser toy (about £5 at the pet store). Throw the plastic ring from a milk jug or bottle cap on the floor and encourage a game of kitty hockey. Grab a fat rope or scarf and run around of the house in a game of cat chase. Exercise will help tighten up your cat's fat pouch, but don't be surprised if the loose skin isn't eliminated completely.

Consult your vet about putting your cat on a diet. A proper physical, full checkup, and your vet's assessment will provide the best information on the condition of your cat's physique. Your vet can also check your cat's fat pouch to check for lumps or clogged mammary glands. See additional resources for more information.

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Things You'll Need

  • Cat toys (laser toy, balls, rope or scarf)
  • High-quality cat food

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