Can peppermint oil get rid of mice?

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If you've spotted a mouse running across the floor and don't want a display of mousetraps throughout your home, try the more humane and pleasant approach to ridding the place of mice. Not only does this trick work on those unwanted rodents, but on other bothersome creatures as well.

What Is Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint oil is from the peppermint plant, which is a cross between a spearmint and a watermint. The concentrated oils from these plants have a variety of uses, like cooking, fragrances, toothpastes, shampoos and pest control.

Peppermint oil is stronger than peppermint extract, although the extract can substitute for certain uses, such as in cooking and baking, instead of the oil.

Getting Rid of Mice

Mice have a poor sense of sight and rely mostly on their highly sensitive sense of smell to find food. Peppermint oil contains menthol and the smell is very strong, especially to the tiny noses of these little scavengers. The smell is so powerful that the oil can bother even human noses and throats if spilt or too much is nearby.

In order to use this powerful scent to get rid of mice in your home, place it where they live or have been. Use a cotton ball or swab to soak up a bit of peppermint oil. Place the cotton in the attic, in cabinets, etc. The smell travels fast, and mice will not stick around to see where it's coming from.

To add even more protection, simply dab peppermint oil on spots throughout your home or outline the perimeter of your house with the oil. If you live near open fields, this will become especially helpful.

Where to Purchase

You can buy peppermint oil at some supermarkets in the cooking aisle, at herbal shops or online on eBay, Amazon and speciality stores. Some bottles sell for less than £3.20, while others are closer to £6.50.

TIP: If buying from eBay, be sure to get a sealed bottle to ensure peppermint extract is not inside. Peppermint extract is a cheaper alternative that doesn't work as well on rodents.

Other Uses: Medical

You bought the peppermint oil to rid a space of mice, but after the mice have gone, the bottle won't go to waste. Peppermint oil has long been thought of as medicine. Although testing is still being done for American Medical Association standards, this oil is used as an herbal remedy for maladies ranging from nausea to headaches to nerve pain.

Always check with your doctor before using peppermint oil as a natural remedy. Allergies may be present and taking uncoated peppermint oil can cause heartburn as well.

Other Uses: Bugs

If rodents aren't the only unwanted guests in your home, peppermint oil can help in more ways than one. Not only does it smell better than most bug sprays, but it works humanely and without the poisons that put your pets and children at risk.

Peppermint oil works against wasps, ants, spiders and more. Mix peppermint oil with other natural deterrents, such as rosemary or lemon grass oil (or mix 10 parts to one part rubbing alcohol) into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly bugs directly to weaken or kill them, and also use it to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Spray the mixture in areas where you find bugs, or outside on plants. You can also spray it around the perimeter of your home to keep the invaders out.

You can dab peppermint oil mixture on skin or clothes to keep bugs off too, but check with your doctor beforehand.

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