Wardrobe closet ideas

If you are short on storage space, wardrobe closet ideas may hold the answer to a good solution. Wardrobe closets are an excellent choice if you prefer a minimalist space, as you can simply close the doors on all of your storage, creating a fresh and clean space in your bedroom.

You may also be able to adapt the same wardrobe closet ideas for a hidden home office or craft area.


A wardrobe closet can provide a huge amount of storage in a very small space, eliminating other furniture pieces to create a fresh and clean look in your home. Older homes, small apartments or poorly designed rooms can leave you without space to hide clothing and other essentials. Installing a wardrobe closet provides drawer, shelf and hanging space customised to your needs.


Be sure that your wardrobe closet offers the organisation you need. Arrange the space in two distinct sections if two people will be sharing space, using tall drawer or shelf units to separate each hanging area. Make good use of vertical space by installing high shelves and hanging two rods instead of one. You might also find that you have enough space to store craft or office supplies in a well designed wardrobe closet. Use curtains or sliding doors to hide your wardrobe closet.

Custom Closets

Custom closet organisation systems can be installed against a wall in your bedroom, dressing room or even a hallway to create a wardrobe closet. California Closets and similar services can help you design and install a full wardrobe closet, including drawers, shelves and hanging space. Once your wardrobe system is in place, you can simply install floor length curtains that coordinate with your space to hide your wardrobe. This option works very well if you are not sure what you need or simply have no interest or time for a DIY wardrobe closet.

Ready to Assemble Wardrobes

The most affordable and practical solution to creating a wardrobe space in your room is to opt for inexpensive medium density fiberboard furniture systems that are ready to assemble out of the box. Do not limit yourself to just closet organisation systems. You may find that other cabinetry units can work very well when planning a closet wardrobe. Be sure that you choose pieces that provide the type of storage you need and that offer a fresh, clean look when your wardrobe space is open. You should also consider whether you want sliding doors, swinging doors or curtains to hide your wardrobe closet. If you are committed to doors choose make sure the system you choose comes with them.

Luxury Wardrobe Closets

Italian and other European companies offer several wardrobe style options for your home. These can be a more costly choice; however, they can be beautiful and well suited to a luxurious home. If you are looking for a wardrobe closet that can be integrated into a hallway of your home or be carried throughout a small apartment, luxurious wardrobe systems featuring elegant veneers, beautiful glass work and stunning hardware can be the best option. Not surprisingly, these wardrobe closets are quite costly; however, smaller wardrobe options are also available.