Cost of knee surgery for dogs

Knees surgeries are common among dogs because canine knees are easily damaged. In 2003, more than one million dogs had knee surgeries that totalled more than £0.8 billion, according to Pet Health 101. But there are a series of other costs related to a dog's knee surgery.


Knee surgeries for dogs range from £520 to more than £1,950. The cost of knee surgeries depend on several factors that include the type of knee injury, extent of the injury, the weight of the dog, age of the dog, the surgeon, the clinic, clinic stay, surgical equipment used and the length of time it takes to perform the surgery.


X-rays will determine the type of knee injury. The initial costs range between £48 and £325. The cost of an X-ray will be on the high end for dogs taken to the emergency room. Any follow-up X-rays will be less than the cost of the initial visit.


Post knee surgery will likely involve medications such as sedatives, pain killers and meds to prevent infection and inflammation. Cost of medications may range between £97 and £227.


Some familiar types of knee injuries dogs sustain include cruciate ligament ruptures, torn knee ligaments, dislocated knee cap, medial menisucs tears and trick knee cap. Many risk factors contribute to knee injuries found in dogs such as a previous knee injury, overweight, gradual tearing, arthritis, age, breed of dog and gender.


Symptoms your dog may be suffering from a knee injury: sudden pain while running, lifting injured knee, hopping, swollen knee joint and avoids putting weight on the injured knee.


Staying physically fit and healthy are two keys to prevent knee injuries in dogs. Don't overfeed dogs because obesity can cause knee injuries. Give your dogs chondroprotective supplements to keep the knee joints healthy. Avoid teaching your dogs dangerous twists and jumps that can damage their ligaments. Instead of running with your dog, encourage swimming as an exercise to keep your dog physically fit.


Remember to calculate the costs of follow-up visits that may be scheduled over six months. The state you live in also has a tremendous impact on surgical costs. In large cities, dog owners pay nearly £3,250 for their dog's knee surgery. If you notice your dog is having complications, get opinions and pricing from several veterinarians and talk to other dog owners. If your dog has knee surgery, consider getting a knee brace for your dog to prevent further knee injuries.