Brands of Saltine Crackers Images

Manufactures make saltine crackers from flour, baking soda and yeast. This type of cracker has a square shape with small holes and salt sprinkled all over it. Additionally, it has a crispy texture and a salty, dry taste. Most grocery stores, discount stores and convenience stores carry saltine crackers.

Some people eat saltine crackers with lunch meat, while others use the crackers to settle upset stomachs.


Kellogg's markets saltine crackers under the names Keebler Zesta and Sunshine. Both Keebler Zesta and Sunshine come in wheat and original saltine varieties. Keebler Zesta saltine crackers are available in 4- and 454gr. packaging. The Sunshine Krispy saltine crackers come in 16- and 1361gr. packaging.


Nabisco offers a line of saltine crackers under the Premium brand. Premium makes a variety of saltine crackers, such as fat free, low sodium, salted and unsalted. Additionally, Nabisco produces mini crackers suitable for soups. The most common size is the 454gr. box. However, Premium saltines come in 4-, 8-, 11- and 16.5-oz. boxes.

Nature's Options Tranquil Tummy Saltines

Nature's Options Tranquil Tummy Saltine crackers have a hint of ginger. The ginger-infused saltine cracker helps with a sour stomach, morning sickness and motion sickness. The crackers are bite-sized and topped with sea salt. In addition, the box comes with 12 packets of crackers.

Late July

Late July manufacturers Classic Saltine Crackers. These cracker have a round shape with grooved edges and dots on both sides. In addition, Late July does not use any type of synthetic pesticides, corn syrup, preservatives or artificial flavour on the crackers. The crackers come in a 170gr. box.


Dollar Days typically stocks Vista Saltine Crackers. This brand of cracker is in a rectangle red box that holds four individually wrapped bags of crackers. The salty saltine crackers have a square shape with small holes on both sides. Additionally, Dollar Days usually stocks 454gr. boxes.

Great Value

Great Value produces a host of food products including saltine crackers for Walmart stores. Manufacturers package the saltine crackers in a white-and-blue rectangular 454gr. box. These saltine crackers resemble name-brand saltine crackers, such as Nabisco and Sunshine. However, Great Value's square saltine crackers are lightly salted compared to its competitors.