Samsung Television Problems

Many Samsung televisions manufactured in the 2000s have been found to be defective. Many owners have reported problems working with the company's customer service to remedy defects.

White Spots

This occurs when one of the pixels in your television burns out. With any electrical equipment, it is likely that surges will happen and burn out pixels. However, Samsung owners have reported a lot more white spots than is considered normal, as many as 50 white spots per unit. The Samsung HL-S4676S 46-inch rear projection TV has been known to experience this problem. Other TV sets from 2006 to 2007 have had these kinds of problems.


This piece of machinery makes it possible for you to watch the television. It shines light out to the screen and is then filtered into different colours by the screen technology. If this goes out, you will be unable to watch the television because the colours will not be illuminated. It can be replaced, but for a high price. Samsung's DLP 50-inch TV is noted for this kind of problem, and many other televisions from 2005 and beyond have had it as well.


The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) input is vital if you have converted your television from analogue to digital. This is the connection port for your high-definition television. If this input malfunctions, you will be unable to watch high-definition programming. This is a common complaint from many Samsung television owners. Samsung's 42-inch plasma TVs have been reported with this problem.

Repair Staff

Online reviews by Samsung TV owners often take issue with the quality of the company's repairs staff. Owners have often been unhappy with the quality of repair service.

Customer Service Representatives

Customers have complained about Samsung's lack of customer service. They report many problems, especially when dealing with repairs. The customer service reps, they claim, do not return phone calls.

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