Three-day fruit detox diet

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Feeling bloated. Overall weakness. Post-binge guilt. Summer at the beach. Wedding. There are many reasons to go on a detoxification diet. A detox can help you get back on the healthy track--and possibly lose a pound or two.

For many, the three-day fruit detox diet proves to be a fast, low-stress way to get past the holiday feast hangover and ease into that swimming costume. Be aware, there is controversy surrounding detox, fad and crash diets, as they do not promote long-term weight loss and can be dangerous in some situations.

The Facts About Three-Day Fruit Detox Diet

The three-day fruit detox diet uses a simple meal plan comprising mainly fruit and vegetables to cleanse your system of toxins and reduce water retention. A little sugar-free protein is added to help you feel full. Clinical nutritionist Jay Robb developed this type of fat-free diet, which claims to help people lose up to 4.08 Kilogram.

Robb has also developed a more extreme seven-day fruit detox diet program. Exercise is not recommended during the three days. The diet does not contain many of the carbohydrates that would provide the body with energy needed during a workout; rice, grains and breads are not allowed. Some users have actually noticed weight gain when they exercised during the diet.

What You Eat on The Three-Day Fruit Detox Diet

The first day of the diet involves drinking a 170gr. sugar-free protein shake every two hours. Dinner is a salad made of leafy-green vegetables and topped with lean chicken or fish and a lemon juice/olive oil dressing. On the second and third days, the protein shakes are replaced with a serving of fresh fruit. Again, dinner comprises a salad and a protein shake. It is advised to avoid adding starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, into the salad. Likewise, fruits should always be fresh and, ideally, organic. Fruits should not be preserved, dried, canned or frozen.

The first day prepares your metabolism for the next two days, while letting you burn the excess fat already in your body. The last couple of days cleanses and rejuvenates your system with the fibre, vitamins and water contained in the fruits and vegetables. Water is the only recommended beverage during the diet. Expect to drink a lot to help stave off the hunger.

Features of the Three-Day Fruit Flush

The diet highlights the benefits of a clean system, which can be felt after the three days. However, it will not produce significant weight loss instantly. Many recommend going through the diet twice a month to effectively flush out the toxins and excess weight. Those who have tried the diet find it an easy way to detoxify without going through the cost of supplements and discomfort of colon cleansing. The three-day fruit detox diet may involve days of lightheadedness and weakness, which are common feelings for fasting. You will find that you are able to do light work while going through the diet.

Benefits of the Three-Day Fruit Detox Diet

The three-day fruit detox diet is a healthy way to reap the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. The list of benefits includes a toxin-free system, a healthier digestive tract, higher energy levels and an enhanced immune system. The diet further encourages you to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.


As with other detox programs, following this diet alone may not result in long-term weight loss. The three-day fruit detox diet can help jump-start your weight-loss program. Follow this up with a good exercise routine, a healthy diet that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, and other lifestyle enhancements.