How long should a mattress last?

If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, you know how expensive they can be and how many choices there are. By educating yourself, you can make a prudent selection when choosing a new mattress.

In addition, read on and you will discover the best ways to care for a mattress and get the best value for your money.


Many factors will determine how long a mattress should last. The original quality of the mattress is probably the key factor. However, other aspects such as how often it is used, the size and weight of the person or people sleeping on the mattress, and how well it is cared for can greatly affect the longevity as well. That being said, a standard mattress should last between five and seven years and a premium mattress can last up to ten years.


There are five basic mattress types. Beds that move to a seated position, such as hospital beds, require adjustable mattresses. You will need to replace an adjustable mattress more frequently than other types. Air beds, such as the "Sleep Number" brand, last as long as twenty years. Foam mattresses, like the "Tempurpedic" brand, can last up to ten years. Innerspring mattresses are comprised of coiled springs inside of padded fabric. There are many innerspring brands of differing quality. Waterbed mattresses do not have breakable springs like traditional mattresses and can last up to fifteen years.


Your sleeping position will help you determine what type of mattress you need. If you sleep on your back, look for a firm mattress. An innerspring or air bed would be a sensible choice. If you want a softer bed, choose a pillow top variety. If you sleep on your stomach, you should choose a soft mattress that offers support. A foam mattress would be a good choice. If you are a side sleeper, seek a mattress that does not apply much pressure to your hips or joints. Foam, air or waterbed mattresses would all be wise choices.


Turning and rotating a mattress will greatly extend its lifespan. Alternate between rotating and turning it once every three months. If you have a pillow top or other variety that cannot be turned over, rotate it every six months. Use a washable mattress pad to keep the mattress clean, and vacuum your mattress often. Blot water spills and clean any spots with soapy water as soon as possible to keep stains and mould from occurring.


As much fun as it is, jumping on a mattress as though it were a trampoline will greatly reduce its lifespan. Try not to stand or kneel on it, either. If you sit on your bed to put on your shoes or get undressed, do not sit in the same spot each time. You will wear out that area more quickly if you do. Finally, do not purchase a mattress until you have laid on it, in your favourite sleeping position, for at least fifteen minutes. Otherwise, you can't be sure you will really like it.