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Get creative when preparing to plant or repot plants or flowers into flower pots. When you take some time to decorate the flower pots, the plants inside look even lovelier. Get some new ideas for painting flower pots with these tips.


Painting flower pots is easy, even for beginners

Plant pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. From nondescript, utterly boring plastic pots to beautifully fired clay masterpieces, selecting plant pots can take as much concentration as choosing a new outfit. Concentrate on a couple of easy to come by versions as you explore ways to paint them, creating fun and stylish ways to display your plants and flowers.


Painting flower pots is a great activity to do with children

Terra-cotta clay pots or ceramic pots are the best types of flower pots for painting. Terra-cotta will actually absorb a little of the paint, so two coats might be necessary. Ceramic pots may or may not have been kiln fired. If not, it will be necessary to visit a ceramic shop and have the pots fired once they are painted. If they have been fired, they are ready to be painted with acrylic paint.


Painted flower pots are a great way to decorate for the holidays

Use oil based or acrylic paint on terra-cotta flower pots. Wait until the paint has dried thoroughly before adding a second coat. If the pots will be used outdoors, it is wise to add a clear finish coat after the paint is completely dry. If freehand artistry is your forte, sketch a design or scene lightly in pencil, then go over the sketch with paint. If you're not a budding Renoir, don't lose heart. Stencils are available at craft stores in nearly every shape, pattern or image imagined. Unless you plan to sponge paint the pots, lightly trace the stencil outline in pencil before filling in with paint. Should you prefer to sponge paint, simply fasten the stencil to the pot with tape, and sponge the paint onto the stencil. Geometric shapes are popular and are easy to paint onto flower pots even if you completely lack artistic abilities. Cut templates from cardboard or paper and trace before painting.


Paint bold designs on flower pots, using tape or stencils as guides

Use acrylic paint on ceramic pots. It is likely that two coats will be needed to create solid colour. Any of the methods used for painting the terra-cotta pots are applicable on ceramic pots as well. For those not gifted with a golden paintbrush, opt for these simple methods. Wind painter's tape around the pot in select widths. Paint the pot, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly. Gently peel off the painters tape, revealing contrasting stripes. Purchase short wooden dowels at a craft store in varying thicknesses. Dip the end of the dowel in paint and dab sporadically over the flower pot, creating a polka-dotted effect. Once the first coat dries, detail the dots with a second coat of paint, using a very small paint brush.


Choose either terra-cotta clay or ceramic pots for painting

Painting flower pots goes way beyond your own benefit. They make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions. Paint a flower pot with red and green stripes. Fill with greenery trimmed from your Christmas tree. Add small embellishments like bells or bows, and you've made a delightful Christmas present. Stencil letters from the alphabet in primary colours on a flower pot. Fill with homemade cookies for the perfect teacher's gift. Stencil a birth date on a pot, along with icons that symbolise a person's hobby or hobbies. For example, if your grandmother enjoys baking, stencil pies, a rolling pin, and an apron on her pot. Fill it with a new set of measuring spoons and some new spices, and you have the perfect gift for Grandma. Stencil the birth date of a new baby on a pot. Paint the remainder of the pot in pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Include a package of seeds and a few small baby trinkets, as well as instructions to plant flowers in honour of the newest family member. This is a perfect welcome home gift for a mom with a new baby.


Personalise your painted flower pots and give them as gifts

Painted plant pots serve a dual purpose. Not only do they house flowers or plants, they add a sense of design and decor to your home. Whether they are used inside or outside on a porch or potted garden, they add both colour and functionality at the same time.

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Add a clear coat to terra-cotta pots once you're finished painting with colour and design

Painting flower pots is fun, easy and economical. Terra-cotta pots can be found in craft stores for well under a dollar, depending on their size. If you purchase them at a home and garden store at the end of the season, you'll buy them for even less. Ceramic pots cost a little more, but shouldn't be more than £1.30 or £1.90 per pot. Craft paints are very inexpensive, and your creativity is free. Painting flower pots with children is an easy activity that affords kids a sense of pride and accomplishment. They may choose to use their pots to plant flowers or even hold small toys or give it to someone special as a gift. Try your hand at painting some flower pots, whether for your own use or to give as gifts. Your artistic ability may just suprise you.

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