What to Do for a Fuchsia Plant That Is Losing Leaves

Updated July 20, 2017

Fuchsia plants are beautiful flowering shrubs that come in colours from pinkish-purple to white. Fuchsias are typically planted as hanging potted plants, but they are popular as garden shrubs as well. Fuchsias are successfully grown with a minimal amount of care; however if your fuchsia plant is losing leaves, you may need to give it some special attention.


If your fuchsia plant is losing leaves, you may be overwatering it. Although fuchsias don't like to be overly dry, and you should water daily, it is possible to water too much. Make sure your plant is in well-drained soil. If it is in a pot, use a peat/soil mix in a pot with many drainage holes in the bottom. Fuchsias also like high humidity.


Most fuchsias don't like direct sunlight or high heat. If your fuchsia is losing leaves, try moving it to a different spot in your yard or patio. Fuchsias like bright shade, for example, the light on the north side of a house.


Sometimes a lack of proper nutrients can cause fuchsias to drop leaves. Regular fertiliser or plant food spikes will remedy a poorly-fed fuchsia. Feed the plant through its regular growing season--April through September--then stop to prepare the plant for winter.


The leaves dropping may be from vine weevils. Vine weevils are whitish larvae that feed on the roots, stems and leaves of many plants. This causes the plants to wilt and die. The traditional treatment has been to mix in gamma HCH dust into the top layer of "the soil, and a new treatment involves a nematode called "Nemesis," which enjoys eating the weevils.


In addition to careful attention to watering, feeding and light requirements, be sure to clean up dropped leaves from around your fuchsia. The leaves could cause moulds or other pests to develop and can also affect the water levels and nutrition of the plant.

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