Uses for Stone Edge Lawn Edging

Updated July 20, 2017

One of the easiest things you can do to give your yard and landscape a professional look is install lawn edging along your garden beds, walkways or anywhere else you want to create a distinct border. One of the best products you can use to create this look is Stone Edge lawn edging, which is produced by the Ames True Temper Corp.

Features and Benefits of Stone Edge Lawn Edging

Stone Edge lawn edging is a practical and cost-effective alternative to natural stone products that you would use to line the borders of your garden and flower beds as well as along walkways and patios. It is made from a highly durable plastic resin that will hold up in any climate and is very simple to install. Stone Edge lawn edging can be purchased at a variety of home and garden centres or online at popular sites such as Amazon or Shopzilla. Since it can be purchased by the box, you only have to buy exactly what you need to complete your project. A single box covers approximately 10 1/2 feet and costs about £9.

Uses of Stone Edge Lawn Edging

Stone Edge lawn edging can be used anywhere you wish to create a separation between the ground and some other part of your landscape. The most common use of Stone Edge is in flower and garden beds to create a clean separation between the bed and the grass. By having it rise up a couple of inches higher than your lawn, you create a natural border. Another use is between flower beds and patios or walkways. The edging acts as a picture frame for your plantings and keeps soil and mulch from washing out of the bed. Since the edging is lightweight, it can rise a bit higher than natural stone, further highlighting this effect.

Installing Stone Edge Lawn Edging

If you are installing a border in your flower or garden bed, the first thing you need to do is cut away any overgrown grass or ground cover with a flat-edge garden spade. If you do not have one, then a regular long-handled shovel will suffice. You want to create a clean edge so you can follow the line with your Stone Edge pieces. Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap in the first piece into the ground at the beginning of your border. Then simply slide the next piece into the side groove of the first piece and carefully tap the second piece into the ground. Just follow this pattern until you get to end of your desired border.

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