Homemade peg board hooks

Updated November 22, 2016

A homemade pegboard with hooks is helpful for solving organisation and storage problems. You can hang anything from garage tools to kitchen pans from a pegboard. The pegboard itself is fairly easy to make; when it comes to the hooks you have a choice of shaping the pegs you can buy in the hardware shop or using items you have around the house as pegs.


Before building the pegboard, you should think about what you are going to use it for. You want to make sure to make the board large enough and the hooks strong enough to hold the materials you want them to hold.

Pegboards are commonly used in garages or workshops. Many people put tools, protective gear or a variety of other items on them. However, you can use a pegboard just about anywhere you have an organizational problem due to lack of space. Some people like to use them in their kitchens to hang pots and pans, or perhaps a small, sturdy one in your child's room would reduce clutter on the floor.


Building the pegboard itself is fairly simple. Take a 2.5 by 10 cm (1 by 4 inch) board and cut it into four equal pieces. Make a square with the pieces and screw them together at the corners. This is the frame of your pegboard. Put the piece of pegboard against it and cut it to size. Put the pegboard aside.

Make the doors. You can make them out of pegboard or wood, depending on your personal preference for how it looks. Measure the door material against the frame. Cut it to size. If you want two doors, cut the door material in half lengthwise after the board is cut to size.

To add door handles, put a block of wood on the door bottom, then screw the handle to the door and the wood.

Line up piano hinges with the edge of each door. Drill holes through the hinges and door and screw the hinges to the door. Get someone to hold the frame for you so you can screw the doors to the frame. Once the doors are on the frame, screw the frame to the wall and put the pegboard inside the frame.

Build the hooks

The easiest peg solution is to buy those meant for pegboards. These pegs can be pushed in or taken out of the holes in the pegboard. Shop-bought pegs may be too big for the items you want to hang, however. You can make them smaller by sanding them. If you would like to place knobs on the end of your pegs, you can shape them with a lathe. Mark where the knob will be on the peg and cut a notch in the mark with a parting tool. Then, shape the knob by cutting with the lathe.

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