DIY PVC Pipe Book Stand

Updated February 21, 2017

Book stands are especially helpful next to a computer, while studying or while following a cookbook's recipe in the kitchen. For those times when you cannot hold a book at the right angle to read easily from it, consider building a sturdy book stand out of PVC pipe. A DIY PVC pipe book stand can be tweaked to hold any size book.

Materials for the book stand

Buy various pieces of PVC pipe for this DIY book stand, or cut longer ones into the right length with a hacksaw. You will need three 45 cm (18 inch) PVC pipes, six 30 cm (12 inch) PVC pipes and two 15 cm (6 inch) pipe pieces. To put the DIY project together, you will also need four T-shaped connectors, two 4-way connectors with one 45-degree angle side and four 3-way connectors with all 90-degree angle sides. PVC glue or sealant will hold the pieces together securely. With a hacksaw and a straightedge ruler, you are ready to go.


Construct the top of the DIY PVC book stand by laying out the two 45 cm (18 inch) pieces of pipe parallel to each other. Slip two of the T-connectors onto each one so the open slot faces the space between the pipes. Slide a 3-way connector with 90-degree angles onto each end of one 45 cm (18 inch) pipe. Put a 4-way connector with a 45-degree angle onto the ends of the other 45 cm (18 inch) pipe.

Install four of the 30 cm (12 inch) pieces of PVC pipe between the two longer pipes. You will have one in each of the T-shaped connectors and one in each of the 3-way connectors on either end. You will have a rectangle with two vertical bars evenly spaced in the middle.

Attach the 15 cm (6 inch) pieces of PVC pipe to the 45-degree angle connectors and 12-inch pipes to the 90-degree angle connectors on the other side. Glue these securely in their slots so they cannot fall out.

Create the ledge that book will rest on by adding elbow connectors to the top slots of the 4-way connectors on the bottom 45 cm (18 inch) PVC pipe and connecting them on the top with another 45 cm (18 inch) piece of PVC pipe. This will keep any book from sliding off the stand.

Lay the structure on its side and hold a ruler or straight edge from the bottom of the shorter pipes across the longer pipes at the back. Draw a line with a marker on the back PVC pieces, indicating an angle whose edge is parallel to the front pipes. Use a hacksaw to cut off these angles and the DIY book stand will stand firmly on any flat surface.


This DIY PVC pipe book stand can be used to hold any book you need to see clearly. Studying becomes easier when heavy textbooks are supported on the stand instead of having to hold them in your hands. In the kitchen, cover a recipe book with a clear sheet of plastic to protect it from splatters while it rests nearby on this PVC book stand. You can even create one with longer legs for use when giving a speech or presentation.

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