What Gel Should I Use in My Bosch Dishwasher?

Updated March 23, 2017

Many appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and carpet cleaners work best using specific detergent mixtures. Using the wrong mixture may leave your dishes or carpet less than clean or harm your appliance. Before using any new appliance, read your owner’s manual to determine whether special detergent or soap is required. One novel feature of the Bosch dishwashers is that it requires a smaller amount of detergent than other dishwashers. As with any dishwasher, wash food from plates before loading into the dishwasher and periodically check your dishwasher for broken dish or glass pieces.


Whether you use a powder or gel, the amount of detergent you use in your Bosch dishwasher is extremely important. Bosch dishwashers are equipped with a variety of wash settings and each setting requires a different amount of detergent. Water quality also has an impact on dishwashing results. For example, if you have a hard water supply and you set your Bosch dishwasher to the Power Scrub Plus setting, you only need about 1 14.2gr. of detergent.

While many people are tempted to load their dishwasher soap compartment to the brim with detergent, just the opposite is true for Bosch dishwashers. Bosch dishwashers clean dishes using a small amount of detergent; overloading will leave spots and may possibly damage your dishes. Also, using too much detergent mixed with a soft water supply can scratch and create etching on your glassware.

Fill the Bosch dishwasher detergent compartment up to the first line instead of all the way. Avoid using prefilled gel packs because they contain too much soap needed for the Bosch dishwasher.

Bosch Recommendations

Bosch recommends using powder detergent to run its dishwashers. Also, because the dishwasher is an energy-saving product, it uses less water and requires less detergent, saving the consumer money in the end.

Add a liquid rinse aid to every wash even if your detergent includes a rinse aid or drying substance. The rinse aid will ensure that dishes rinse cleanly, without leaving spots behind. However, Bosch recommends using a powder or liquid detergent that does not contain a drying agent.

Dishwashing Gel

Although Bosch recommends using powder, you can use a variety of gel dishwasher detergents with a Bosch dishwasher. Although gel dishwasher detergents will clean your dishes, never use liquid dishwashing soap that you would typically use to hand wash your dishes in your automatic dishwasher. Not only will you be greeted with a pile of suds from the overflow, dishwashing soap can damage your machine.

According to Consumer, Cascade All-in-1 Gel ranked highest thanks to its ability to clean dishes well without spotting or damaging dishes. Electrosol dishwashing gel is another possibility to use in your Bosch dishwasher. Try Electrosol PowerGel Fresh Scent with Jet Dry for best results on plates and silverware.

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